Minor in Journalism

A Minor in Journalism consists of 18 semester hours.  Note: Prerequisites are in parentheses.

Download a pdf of the Journalism Minor requirements.

JRN 02205 Journalism Principles and Practices (CC1)
JRN 02310 News Reporting I (Journalism Principles and Practices) OR Journalistic Writing JRN 02210
JRN 02321 Online Journalism I (Journalism Principles & Practices OR Basic PR Writ.)

JOURNALISM ELECTIVES (choose 3 courses) (9 s.h.)
JRN 02425 Advanced Publication Layout (Pub. Layout and Design)
JRN 02341 Broadcast News Writing (45 s.h.)
JRN 02411 Copy Editing (News I OR Basic PR Writ. OR Jrn Writ.)
JRN 02323 Crime Reporting (News Reporting I)
JRN 02312 Feature Writing (News Reporting I)
JRN 02324 Health Reporting (News Reporting I)
RTF 03295 Introduction to New Media (CCI)
JRN 02318 Investigative Journalism (News Reporting I)
JRN 02410 Journalism Senior Seminar (90 s.h., News Reporting II)
JRN 02313 Magazine Article Writing (News I OR Basic PR Writ. OR Jrn. Writ. OR The Writer’s Mind)
JRN 02319 Media Ethics (Journalism Principles & Practices OR Basic PR Writ.)
JRN 02335 Media Law (45 s.h.)
JRN 02311 News Reporting II (News Reporting I)
JRN 02307 On-Camera Field Reporting (Broadcast News Writing) (FALL only)
JRN 02325 Online Journalism II (Online Journalism I)
JRN 02314 Photojournalism (45 s.h.)
JRN 02317 Publication Layout and Design (45 s.h.)
JRN 02320 Radio News (45 s.h.) (SPRING only)
JRN 02326 Sports Broadcast (Sports Jrn I or News I or Jrn Writ or by permission)
JRN 02361 Sports Journalism I (45 s.h.)
JRN 02362 Sports Journalism II (Sports Journalism I) (SPRING only)
JRN 02363 Data Journalism (News Reporting I) (FALL only)
JRN 02332 The Publishing Industry (45 s.h.) (SPRING only)
JRN 02305 TV Newscast (News Reporting I) (SPRING only)