Certificate in Public Relations and the News

Certificate of Undergraduate Studies (CUGS) in Public Relations and the News

This 12-credit certificate provides students with a historical, legal and ethical understanding of journalistic and public relations practices. It provides experience in a wide variety of public relations and news writing forms. It also explores the information management world, where journalism and public relations both overlap and compete with one another.

Students must take all four classes. Prerequisites are in parentheses ( ).

  • JRN 02205  Journalism Principles and Practices (CCI)
  • PR 06350  Introduction to Public Relations
  • PR 06301 Basic Public Relations Writing (PR 06350) OR JRN 02310  News Reporting I (JRN 02205)
  • PR 06354 Impact of Public Relations on the News (PR 0631 OR JRN 02310) 

To sign up, email your name, Banner ID#, and the name of the CUGS to to Evelyn Rivera at riverae @ rowan.edu