Student Perspective: Capturing the Moment in Photojournalism Class

photo Kailey took of two children playing on the green grass outside the Washington Monument
Photo by Kailey Bertelson

By Kailey Bertelson

I had very little photography knowledge at the beginning of the course but was eager to learn more. I wanted to be criticized and really come out of the class with a new found perspective on how to approach photography.

I quickly learned photography has a lot to do with feeling. Embracing the emotional side of photography was taught in this course which I believe often gets looked over on the surface. Investing your emotions and aiming to capture the emotion of the subject in your photos was what lead me to succeed in this class and as a photographer. Every week I would push myself to shoot with the advice Professor Hawk gave us, shoot a lot and spend more time searching and experimenting with angles.

By the end of the semester I knew what settings to shoot in, what to look for and what to avoid or eliminate when shooting. I also had a collection of strong photos that were all shot with emotion and told the story of the subject.

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Rowan alumnus among Time Magazine’s Persons of the Year: “The Guardians and the War on Truth”

One version of the 2018 Time Magazine’s “Persons of the Year” cover shows newsroom survivors from the June 28 shootings at the Capital Gazette in Annapolis, Md., where Rowan alumnus Phil Davis, a reporter, was on duty but not injured. The attack left five employees dead.

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Magazine Article Writing Professor Nominated for National Award

Photo by Matthew Wright

Rowan University journalism instructor Nicholas DiUlio is a finalist for a City and Regional Magazine Association award for his article, Lakewood, A City on the Edge.” 

The article, which was published in New Jersey Monthly, is nominated in the “Best Reporting” category alongside pieces from Philadelphia Magazine, Texas Monthly, and Seattle Met. The winner will be announced in June.

DiUlio teaches Magazine Article Writing and Online Journalism I and II.