B.A. in Sports Communication and Media

-Prerequisites are in parentheses.
-Senior Seminar in Sports Communication and Media fulfills Writing Intensive (WI) requirement.

CMS 04223 Introduction to Sports Communication (CCII)
JRN 02205 Journalism Principles and Practices (CCI)
JRN 02210 Journalistic Writing (CCI)
PR 05350 Strategic Communication Overview (CCII)
RTF 03275 Applied Media Aesthetics: Sight/Sound/Story (CCII)
SPRT 09301 Internship in Sports Communication and Media (75 s.h. and GPA 2.5)
SPRT 09401 Senior Seminar in Sports Communication and Media—WI (Intro to Sports Comm and 90 s.h.)

Students must take all 12 credits in one of the following concentrations: Communication Studies and Sports, Sports Journalism, Sports Public Relations/Advertising, or RTF Sports Production.

Communication Studies and Sports
CMS 04395 Rhetoric of Sport (CCII)
CMS 04323 Images of Athletes in Popular Culture (CCII)
CMS 04319 Organizational Behavior in Sport (CCII)
CMS 04333 Special Topics in Sports Communication (CCII)

Sports Journalism
JRN 02310 News Reporting I (Journalism Principles & Practices)
JRN 02321 Online Journalism I (Journalism Principles & Practices)
JRN 02361 Sports Journalism I (45 s.h.)
JRN 02362 Sports Journalism II (Sports Journalism I)

Sports Public Relations & Advertising
PR 06306 Social Media & Sports Communication (Strat Comm Overview OR Intro to PR & Intro to Ad)
PR 06307 Sports & Entertainment Event Planning (Strat Comm Overview OR Intro to PR & Intro to Ad)
PR 06308 Reputation Management & Crisis in Sports (Strat Comm Overview OR Intro to PR & Intro to Ad)
PR 06309 Sports Branding & Fan Relations (Strat Comm Overview OR Intro to PR & Intro to Ad)

RTF Sports Production
RTF 03345 Live Event TV &Video Production (Television Production or permission)
RTF 01402 Special Topics in Sports Broadcasting
RTF 03396/JRN 02326 Sports Broadcasting I (Journalistic Writing)
RTF 03397/JRN 02327 Sports Broadcasting II (Sports Broadcasting I)

Students must also take two (2) courses from within or across any of the other concentrations listed above.

Students can use free electives to build an area of expertise or to earn a double Major, Minor, or Certificate(s) of Undergraduate Study.

To sign up, email your name, Banner ID#, and the name of the Major you wish to declare to Evelyn Rivera at riverae @ rowan.edu