Alumni Q&A with Emily Kostic, Director of Marketing for Canvs AI

Emily Kostic portraits_SOCIAL_25Emily Kostic is Director of Marketing for Canvs AI. She graduated from Rowan University in 2010 with her B.A. in Journalism and a specialization in Women’s Studies. 

Briefly describe your job. What do you do on a daily basis?

I work for a tech startup focused on AI-powered topical and emotional analysis of social media content. In short, some of the biggest media and entertainment companies in the world (e.g. HBO, NBCU, Viacom, et al) pay for access to our data so they can better understand how people feel about the content they’re putting out into the world.

As Director of Marketing, I’m in charge of the overall branding, positioning, and lead gen for the company. Essentially, one of my core responsibilities is to incentivize and encourage adoption of our products among relevant key stakeholders throughout the media and entertainment industry.

What is one thing you love about your current job?

I thoroughly enjoy working in tech. It’s extremely interesting to me to work for a company that’s working hard to redefine how companies tell stories and develop new revenue opportunities using our data.

What is one of the biggest challenges of your current job?

Explaining what I do for a living when I come home to visit family. Ha, kidding! But seriously, in general, I think working in tech can be a bit of a challenge. You’re essentially raising your hand to say that you want to push forward the “traditional” way of thinking for any given industry. That can often lead to a lot of head scratching from the people around you. Don’t get me wrong — that can certainly be fun — but often times, constantly having to explain (and re-explain) your position on an entire industry can be a bit exhausting.

How did you get to this point in your career? Briefly describe your career journey from Rowan University to the present.

Before working at Canvs, I worked at the History Channel. There, I held various positions on their social media and consumer marketing teams. It was at History that I saw first hand many of the challenges and opportunities that exist in the current media landscape. It became clear, even back in 2011, that companies like Netflix, Hulu, and other OTT providers were changing the way the entire traditional cable industry measured success. In doing so, cable networks were (and still are) forced to look at alternative data points outside of traditional linear Nielsen ratings to convey success to advertisers.

I became so fascinated with alternative viewership/engagement metrics in TV — and wanted to be a part of that evolution. That’s what led me to Canvs — where we’re constantly pushing the boundaries of what meaningful measurement and engagement looks like.

What advice do you have for graduating students who studied journalism and/ or other media types while at Rowan University?

Be open to different opportunities. I learned very early on at Rowan that I was interested in the digital media space. I could never have predicted that I would have the job I have now. It didn’t exist then! However, I knew enough to know that I wanted to be at the forefront of the evolving media industry. So, I think knowing the crux of your interests, and being open to opportunity essential.

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