Rowan journalism students cover Kavanaugh vote in DC

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Photos and Article By Amanda Palma

On Oct. 5, Rowan journalism students traveled to Washington D.C. and covered one of the fiercest political debates of this generation – the Senate vote on the nomination of Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh.

Near the Capitol, students covered protests and rallies both against and in favor of Kavanaugh alongside professional journalists from around the world.

Akenda Steward, a broadcast journalism student, said talking to people in person gave her a deeper understanding of the news.

“I mean I’m watching it from a T.V., [but] this is my first time ever coming to D.C., covering a story like this,” said Steward. “So to hear other women share their experience, it was very chilling.”

The students conducted dozens of interviews, shot photos and video, and recorded stand-ups with the iconic building in the background, all of which they can add to their professional portfolios and resume reels.

“My first favorite part was probably doing the actual stand-up, because in that moment I felt like it was so professional, and it felt right, said student Jaryd Leady. “It felt like that’s what I was supposed to be doing.”

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