Journalism Students at 2018 CCCA Student Awards and Showcase

The 2018 Rowan University Journalism Department medallion and scholarship recipients: Nicole Mingo, Jaiden Campana, and Ashleigh Albert.                          Photo by Amanda Palma.

Rowan University journalism students presented their work and were honored at 6th annual College of Communication and Creative Arts Student Awards and Showcase on April 21, 2018.

Nicole Mingo was awarded the Claudia Cuddy Medallion for Excellence in Editing and Publishing. This award honors a student who excels in editing and/or page layout.

Ashleigh Albert, the Editor-in-Chief of The Whit, was awarded the Jack Gillespie Award for Excellence in Journalism. This medallion is given to a student who demonstrates journalism skills, commitment to quality campus publications, and dedication to the art and craft of writing.

Jaiden Campana received a Tom Stathakes Sports Media Scholarship, which recognizes the academic achievements of students with a demonstrated interest in a media career covering sports.

Also students from The Whit and the On-Camera Field Reporting class presented articles, photography, layout and design projects, and TV packages at the event.

Gallery photos by Amanda Palma

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